Air Conditioning Repairs in Memphis, TN

Having air conditioning repairs done means finding a qualified technician to deal with the situation. If you require assistance with a malfunctioning AC unit, the professionals at South Tech HVAC would be happy to help you get it back in excellent working condition. Our team is available to lend a hand to any customer with a property in the Memphis area.

Serving the Needs of Our Neighbors

When we tackle a job, our goal is always to do top-notch work. Our clients trust us because they know that we’re a locally based enterprise with roots in the community.

Not knowing the potential cost of a repair project can deter you from getting needed work done, but our technicians are prepared to provide you with a written estimate. We handle many types of air conditioning repairs, and our staff has the required resources to do every job efficiently. We’re based in Memphis, TN, and we’re ready to help you. Place a call to South Tech HVAC today to learn more about the services we offer.